“Word Mermaid” designed by Melanie Lynn Penn Design June 2024 – for me

Nicole Close is a self-proclaimed mermaid touched by breast cancer and the founder of the Saltwatercure Fund. Originally from Vancouver, B.C. she now lives on the east coast of Canada in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.  Her  connection to the ocean and love of surfing were integral to her treatment and healing. It continues to remind her to let go, be more present in her daily life and to continue to play.

“When I surf, the world falls away and I am in the moment, in that space in between movement and stillness; between the past and the future. It is when I am the most present and feel the most alive.”

Winter Dawn Patrol – Photo Credit: Scott Trivers

Nicole makes films, teaches movement, surfs, raises money for Nova Scotians with breast cancer through the Saltwatercure Fund, offers peer support and hangs out with her neighbour’s dogs. She is grateful for her world and happy to share a little bit of it with you.

HER BODY – Short Film (April 2023)
Morgana McKenzie(DOP), Stephanie Burbano (Production Designer), Amelia Moses (Director), Nicole Close (1st AD) @RILEYSMITHPHOTO

Laugh attack on set of HER BODY – It was such a pleasure to work with this crew/cast.

Photo credit: Stephanie Brubano

Day 2 office on HER BODY- Crystal Crescent Beach w/ Nicole Close (1st AD), Lee Marshall (Producer), Amelia Moses (Director), Charles Conrad (Location Manager) @RILEYSMITHPHOTO