“Draft In Progress”

Draft in Progress is a one minute film about the life cycle of a call sheet, captured on an average day, in the life of a 2nd Assistant Director. This film was made through the Atlantic Film Cooperative FILM 1 Program (March 2022).

It was shot in one day with the assistance of Melani Wood, Megan Legere, Kelly McDonald, Scott, Trivers, Caitlin Coo & Michelle Desoyers.

See behind the scenes photos below.

Scott, Kelly, Meg, Melani
Nicole, Meg, Kelly

ACFOOP FILM 1 is a brilliant program. The instructors focused on theory as well as applied learning. At the end of the two days workshop each group had written, shot and edited a one minute film. Participants interested in making their own One Minute Film were able to go through the application process, use AFCOOP equipment / editing suite and was offered monthly meet ups via Zoom for support throughout the whole process.

Watch my groups workshop film – P’s Plight, a story about fate. Collaborators include: Nicole Close, Meghan Mac Donald, Genevieve Oliver, Zoriça Markovich, Donna de Ville.

Film 1 Screening: December 1, 2022 @ Paul O’Regan Hall at Halifax Central Library