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Live ONLINE Elemental Bowspring Class (30 min) Saturdays (7am PST / 11am Halifax) on Daily Ritual Live (a community connecting teachers and students from all over the world). Each week we will focus on a new foundational element building a strong base to deepen your practice. Variations will be offered to allow individuals to simplify or increase the level or quality of the movements to make it accessible to all bodies, all persons.This is appropriate for people new to this community, those who want to focus on the details, and solidify their foundation.


Monthly in-person Movement and Breath Events called Water Classes are held at The Practice . They are ‘Pay what you can’ and all proceeds go to the Saltwatercure Fund.

These mobility classes will have a special focus or intention for the class. They are 45 minutes and accessible to all levels.

Email: or go to the Saltwater Store to book your spot today.

Sunday, August 18th at 12:30pm Water Class (45min of Breath & Movement) at The Practice

Stay tuned for the class focus.

Email: or Visit the Saltwater Store to book your spot. *15 spots available (Pay what you can)


SUB ALERTS at The Practice


Port McNeill, BC
Sunshine Coast, BC
Hubbards, NS


July Water Class – June 7th, 2024
June Water Class – June 9th, 2024
May Water Class – May 5, 2024
April Water Class – April 14, 2024
March Water Class – March 10, 2024
February Water Class – February 11, 2024
January Water Class – January 14, 2024
December Water Class – December 3, 2023
November Water Class – November 12, 2023
October Water Class – October 22, 2023
September Water Class – September 10, 2023
SWC WATER CLASS – Sunday, August 13
SWC WATER CLASS – Saturday, July 22
SWC WATER CLASS – Saturday, June 10
POP UP CLASS – Tuesday, March 16

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