From Students…


I have had the pleasure of attending Nicole’s water classes over the past few months. At first, I was unsure how I would feel learning a new style of movement than the usual “downward dog” poses I was most comfortable with, but knowing Nicole, I was assured that her class would be worth it.

Of course, she was right! I began her class confused, out of my comfort zone and very wobbly, which quickly resulted in annoyance and anger because I was doing something that my
brain didn’t like. I was forced to confront my “fight or flight” instincts, telling me to leave the class early and never come back! But, I stuck it out and talked my feelings through with Nicole after
the class. Apparently, the anger and frustration that I had experienced were normal sensations that often come up in classes where you are doing poses that will not only strengthen you in
various ways physically, but also challenge you mentally. Much like the ocean, the water movement classes can both test and soothe you, but ultimately, you come out of them knowing yourself a little better.
If you are interested in broadening your movement experience as well as connecting with your psychological awareness, then Nicole’s classes are definitely for you! – Abby, Dartmouth, NS

I have been taking classes with Nicole for several years now and they just keep getting better. She is extremely conscientious and every class is modified to best suit her students’ needs. They are fun and challenging and every one leaves me feeling recharged and relaxed. – Cori Lucas, Halifax, NS


Nicole has customized my classes to work with my specific needs after major abdominal surgery. I am amazed at how much stronger, stable and flexible I have become. She is cognizant of how the general aging process affects my abilities. I use many of the movements while at work too. – Gwen Atkinson, Toronto, ON

I leave class feeling more centered, light and relaxed, with more ease in my body. Thankful to Nicole to learn Bowspring inspired movement! I am rewiring my body and getting stronger. – Gillan Austin, Halifax, NS