#Saltwatercure Fund

The Mastectomy Mermaid sticker (seen above) is just one item of Saltwatercure merch that is available for purchase online at the Saltwater Store and at Rosa Rogusa (Hubbards, NS), Calling Corners (Truro, NS) & Fits to a T (Powell River, BC). See details below.


The #Saltwatercure Funds raises money for individuals in treatment and recovery from breast cancer in Nova Scotia, Canada through the sales of Saltwatercure merchandise, events and donations. These funds offers some relief from the financial struggles associated with the cost of treatment and side effects, so they may focus on healing. Profits and donations go to bi-annual recipients.

Visit the Saltwater Store to make a donation or to purchase your Saltwatercure swag. See details below about purchasing merchadise In-Store, here in Nova Scotia.


We continue to raise funds for upcoming recipients. If you know of someone that is currently in treatment or recovery from breast cancer in Nova Scotia, that would benefit from the support of the #Saltwatercure Fund, please email Nicole at journeyofamermaid902@gmail.com

Please note that there is no obligation to participate in the promotion or sales of the Saltwatercure merchandise in person or on social media. #Saltwatercure Fund respects that everyone’s journey is unique and recipients can choose to be involved in however it serves them best.


#Saltwatercure was established in October 2021by Nicole Close to raises awareness about breast cancer and to money for individuals dealing with from breast cancer in Nova Scotia, Canada. “Mastectomy Mermaid” was the first sticker designed by SurfshineART for the #Saltwatercure Fund and in March 2022 they created two new sticker designs (Sunset & Transparent Saltwatercure). The stickers were sold at The Tare Shop, Rose & Rooster Cafe , Lawrencetown Surf Co., Rosa Rogusa & Calling Corners

In October that same year, the SWC Collection was launched at Saltwatercure 2022, a fundraising event and screening of Projections. The t-shirts, hoodies and totes were designed by SurfshineART and WILD/FREE Creative and locally screen printed by Pink Grasshopper Studios



Ocean loving, mother of two, Victoria Germain works in the freelance world of the Film Industry here in Nova Scotia. She was the second recipient of the #Saltwatercure Fund. In addition to the sales of the #Saltwatercure stickers from July – October 2022, an event & raffle was held on October 22. The profits from the sales of new merchandise launched for the event, 100% of the door / raffle all went to Victoria. Her film family also stepped up in a big way to support her. Merchandise sales & 50/50 draw from the sets of Moonshine & Hailey Rose added to the fund, raising the total to for Victoria to $4357.69. Thank you for your generous support to Victoria and the #Saltwatercure Fund.


Fellow mermaid, surfer and teacher Amber Spurrell was the first recipient of the #Saltwatercure Fund. Sticker sales from October 1, 2021 – May 1, 2022 raised $1438.40. Thank you for supporting Amber on her healing journey. See article below featuring Amber and the #Saltwatercure Fund.



Nicole – Post Surgery
Nicole: 1st Chemo
Nicole: Post 2nd Chemo

In 2016 I was diagnosis of breast cancer (Ductal Carcinoma Insitu (DCIS) – ER+ / HER2+). During my year of treatment I was lucky enough to have a great support network as well as an amazing team of specialists to help me through recovery of side effects from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in the years to follow. My connection to the ocean was an integral part of my healing process. Mind, body and soul. It still continues to nourish, inspire and teach me.

Last year I started to think about how I could support women in my community with breast cancer and the one thing that stood out to the most to me was the that the costs associated with Cancer are a burden. In addition to the crushing costs of the actual treatment, there are so many expenses associated with healing from the effects. For example, osteopath, physiotherapy to deal with surgery and scarring, naturopath, supplements, nutrition to combat the effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation. All of these are necessary to return to health, resume everyday activities and help prevent reccurrence. I decided to start small and used my connection to the ocean and the inspiration it gave me. Four months later, “Mastectomy Mermaid” was created. I am grateful be able to offer a bit of financial support to other women going through breast cancer treatment and to share my gratitude for the ocean.


Stickers, tote and Black SWC t-shirt available at Calling Corners: 147 Esplanade St, Truro. You can find this New Age Boutique on IG: @callingcorners or online callingcorners.com

Stickers and tote available at Rosa Rugosa : 30 Trunk 3, Hubbards, NS. Check out this Seaside Market at IG: Rosa Rugosa or online rosarugosamarket.ca

Stickers and tote available at Fits to a T: 4573B Marine Ave, Powell River, BC This women’s clothing & accessory boutique can be found IG: fits_to_t or online fitstoat.ca

SWC Sunset
(3 square vinyl sticker, matte)
Mastectomy Mermaid
(3.65 square vinyl sticker, matte)
SWC Decal
(2,5 x 3.25 transparent)

**Stickers and decal are Canadian Made using eco-friendly inks (Greenguard gold certified) Scratch resistant Weatherproof and dishwasher safe (if used on water bottles). Scratch resistant Weatherproof and dishwasher safe.

SALTWATERCURE Tote are made of durable 100% Cotton and screen printed locally in Seaforth, NS by Pink Grasshopper Studios

The design is a collaboration between SurfshineArt & WILD/FREE Creative

Totes are $20

Black Saltwatercure T-shirt are Canadian made high quality soft cotton 100% cotton and screen printed locally in Seaforth, NS by Pink Grasshopper Studios

The design is a collaboration between SurfshineArt & WILD/FREE Creative

Black T-shirts are $30

Visit the Saltwater Store to purchase your Saltwatercure swag (stickers, tote, white hoodie, white T, black T).