Silver Linings Fund

Silver Linings Fund by Julia Martell. Julia collects gift cards for groceries & pharmacy needs. These go directly to individuals currently in treatment for breast cancer here in Nova Scotia.

Why I want to give back…

I completed treatment for breast cancer in May 2019. I am grateful for the support I felt while in it and blessed to have come out the other side having learned there is an opportunity to grow through the struggle. I created the “Silver Linings Fund” to support other women in my community faced with a similar diagnosis. I wanted to offer assistance to women who are at risk and struggling financially, with gift cards for groceries and pharmacy needs.

I want to plant seeds of hope, have them feel supported and remind them of the strength they have within themselves to handle what they are being faced with. 

The Silver Linings Fund is a heart centered venture that “lights me up”, fuels my sense of purpose and brings me back to my true self. It is my belief that finding your joy, and finding a way to serve others with it is a key to finding inner peace, self healing and raising your vibration.  
Love and Light,


The gift cards go directly to the women in need that are going through treatment for Breast Cancer here in Nova Scotia.
Gift cards can be dropped off or mailed to:
Julia Martell
50 Swanton Drive, Dartmouth, NS, B2W2C5 or you can contact Julia contact through her Instagram: Silverwearables